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Running to do good

Those of you who’ve followed the saga of my surgery know that I’ve had a minor setback since that lump, which turned out to be a tiny blood clot, was carved out of my left foot this past January—my surgeon assures me that the lump I have now is just a symptom of the tissue rearranging itself post-surgically. Humph, some reassurance.

But it could be a lot worse. I can still go folk dancing, provided that I stand behind the circle and dance at my own pace. I’ve even been known to use my cane on the dance floor when my foot gets sore, though I assure you that Fred Astaire looked a lot better dancing with a cane than I do. :)

Running, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. So this morning, I was having quite a time of it, attempting to do some semblance of running—using my cane—to catch a bus. I was quite relieved to see a man in front of me sprint over and flag down the bus—and pleasantly surprised when he did not get on. He’d stopped the bus just for me.

Yes, Virginia, there really are nice people in New York City.


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