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Ms. Two-Broken-Wrists thanks her helpers

Many thanks:
  • to the friend who made us several days' worth of full-meal-in-a-bowl vegan soup;
  • to the friends who drove us to an out-of-town Chanukah party, door-to-door, because I couldn't get on the subway and meet them partway;
  • to the friend who lent me a cape because I couldn't get my casts through my coat sleeves;
  • to the friend who calls me several times a week to see how I'm doing;
  • to the friend who cooked us two weeks' worth of kosher meals, asking only that we pay for the ingredients;
  • and most of all, to my poor husband, who helped me through the worst of it, waiting on me practically hand and foot in the beginning, when I had over-the-elbow casts & was almost completely immobilized in the arms---it took a whole month of phone calls to get me a home health aide.
I am also grateful for having been spared any injury of the legs, back, or head (which is fortunate, because my brains are scrambled enough already :) ). I can't wait to go for a walk on the wild side. :)


thats really nice... a lucky person

By Anonymous Maryum, at June 24, 2011 9:16 AM  

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