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Little Stuff and Big Stuff

I've been going through a very stressful housing situation. There have been so many people who have been so amazingly kind that I can't even count them.

I've had SOOOO many offers of places to stay temporarily, I can't even count them. Some came from people I've never even met in person. Some came from friends of friends.

I've had dinner made for me, with the leftovers packaged up and sent home with me, since I don't have a full working kitchen at the moment.

I've had people who have checked up on me daily to see how things were going.

I've had those who supported me in so many ways all the way from other countries on occasion.

I've had people be understanding when I completely forgot my obligations to them.

I've had people who understood when I told them I didn't want to talk about the situation any more, because I just couldn't deal with thinking about it.

I've had people give me boxes and offer to come over to help me pack and move.

There are more things that people have done - I wish I could list and remember every single one of them here. But mainly, I just feel so incredibly lucky to have had such support through such a difficult situation. I'm eternally grateful to all those who have shown their kindness and caring. As stressful as it was, I can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like without these kind people in my life. Thank you to everyone.


That's very sweet of them

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 08, 2007 5:07 PM  

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