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The Silver Lining

Someone stole my wallet last week. This was a very stressful and frustrating experience. Throughout this difficulty, I have to give credit to two experiences that I had.

The first was those employees both at my bank and credit card companies who helped me and took care of my claim. Everyone I spoke to was kind, courteous and expressed their own displeasure at my circumstances. They took care of everything very quickly and responded to my situation in an amazing manner. This is especially true of my bank (who I plan on being loyal to from now on, since I have had such a good experience) which contacted me before I even realized my wallet was missing. I have been quite impressed with their diligence.

The second credit I have to give is to a complete stranger. When I realized my wallet had been stolen, I was in the bus station in Manhattan. I had no money, no means of getting money and no way to get home. I called a friend to attempt to borrow some money. A man in the bus station overheard me speaking to my friend and offered to pay for my bus fare. Just like that. It was an amazingly kind act for someone he will probably never see again. I hope to pay the favor forward at some point and I hope he also reaps the cosmic awards of his kindness.


Truly amazing. So glad you got everything taken care of relatively painlessly, it seems.

By Blogger SaraK, at July 03, 2007 10:05 AM  

I lost my wallet, and a woman who found it, went out of her way to find me. Called the credit card company (which was a company card), called the primary user (my boss), who already knew about a wallet, since the cc company wouldnt cancel the card for me (see, not such a great experience with them for me), and returned it with everything intact.

Kindness like that should be appreciated.

I went to pick up the bag, with flowers.

By Blogger Anonymous, at July 05, 2007 9:09 AM  

A friend of mine had her identity stolen, and her bank was absolutely awful about it; they wouldn't close her accounts, or put blocks or flags on them, or anything. B"H, your banks sounds waaaaay better than hers.

I've also been the occasional beneficiary of random acts of kindness. I try to pay them forward. :)

By Blogger Scraps, at July 05, 2007 3:55 PM  

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