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I went to a show tonight at Triad, a little club on West 72nd street. That band playing was a band from a Israel called Eden MiQedem. With God's help, there will be an interview with Shmuel Nelson - the man behind it all - and a review of his CD on my own blog.
But for now, I just wanted to share the fact that the club had a two drink minimum, and the prices were ridiculous. 8 bucks for a beer, and it was a bottle, not draft! Plus, they charged a gratuitous gratuity fee, and tax.
In any event, I was more than several dollars short, and was about to engage in some negotiating with the waitress when some guy tapped on the shoulder and handed me the full sum of money! I only took the amount I needed, and when I asked for an address so I could return the money, he refused to be paid back.
"Just make sure word gets around about this band, and we'll call it even, okay?" was all he said, and then walked off.
Isn't that nice?


That's so nice! Mi k'amcha Yisrael...

By Blogger Scraps, at June 08, 2007 11:23 AM  

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