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In Need of Brakes

Sent to me from a friend:

We have needed a brake job and numerous other things on our car for months now, but didn’t have the money for it.

Finally two weeks ago suddenly there was a loud sound that the brake-pads were gone and scraping the drum. We just left the car alone, that night, it seemed to be all gone. I was hoping that it was just dirt that got in the breaks earlier. But alas, in the morning I was proven wrong.. I went to the garage and called my husband. He informed me that he doesn’t have the money, and isn’t sure what we should do. Later, as he was walking from the house to the garage, I called to tell him it was $340. And we would try to work out a payment plan.

When he finally got there we were told that its cash only, and they wouldn’t even let us take the car to go pick up money from people who owed us. We were just about to tell them to take the car off the lift, so we could just go home and wait till we had the money, even though, its impossible to do our jobs without the car, when an older Yid with a long white beard offered us a loan. He put several hundred dollars on his card, and we gave him our phone number. We have tried looking him up, but hes not listed anywhere.


That's really something. I wish he'd been around when I had to get car work done!
Thanks Shoshana!

By Blogger Shmuel, at May 04, 2007 1:33 AM  

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