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"Today's a day for helping people..."

Wow. Sunday we experienced a Nor'Easter, and like many people, my sister's basement was flooded.
Apparently there was something wrong with our sump pump ( among other things, but this was a biggie ), and we were hard pressed to find a plumber who would help.
One guy said he was too busy. Another came, started working, and in passing mentioned that his "rates had gone up". Significantly. After my brother in law refused to pay the seriously inflated fee, the guy packed up and left.
Finally, one guy comes in and offers to do the work for less than his usual fee!
"Today's a day for helping people, not for making money," he told us. He stayed with us for three hours, and when he had to leave to another call, promised he'd come back and install the new sump pump. He made good on his promise; he came back at three in the morning!
No more plumber's crack jokes from me!


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