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Of New Beginnings, and Kindness

First, baruch Hashem, I've been blessed with a new job.

I've been praying for this one for a little while, and have been on Cloud 9 ever since I found out Monday that I got it.
I'll be working for a company called Freedom Scientific, which develops technology for the visually-impaired and learning-disabled.
I'll be handling technical support, and will be working from my home.
Also, this job will go with me when I move, which is another goal of mine that is finally looking like it will be realized.
At any rate, a friend of mine got in touch with me this morning, asking if I have a Paypal account because she wants to donate towards covering my initial hotel expenses.
I'm very touched by this.
I'll have to stay in St. Petersburg, Fla. for a month training, and that hotel bill will get very expensive.
So every bit helps.
Baruch Hashem for kind people.


Congratulations! And that IS amazing.

By Blogger Unknown, at April 25, 2007 2:32 PM  

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