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Moving Up

Today was a very frustrating day, and I was getting to work (yes, on a Sunday, right before Yom Tov) way later than I had planned. I had just spent about 15 minutes circling the area between 52nd and 56th and Madison and 3rd in vain, looking for a spot, and was completely frustrated. Finally, as I made a left onto Park Avenue, I saw a spot behind a car that had just parked itself. A young boy and his mother were standing on the sidewalk and the father was about to get up onto the sidewalk as well. I started to back into the spot, but had tried from too far out and had come in at a bad angle, and couldn't straighten out. The man motioned for me to wait a second, and I thought he was getting something from inside the car and just didn't want me to hit him by pulling out to start over, so I waited. After a few seconds I realized he was actually starting the car - he moved his car up about a foot, leaving me with plenty of room to maneuver without having to start over again on a busy Park Ave. (for a Sunday), and actually boxing himself in a bit with the car in front of him.

Some people are just selfless... and the small things are often where you get to see that. It was a bright spot to a rough day.


That is pretty amazing, in NYC.

By Blogger SaraK, at April 01, 2007 5:32 PM  

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