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More train chesed

Last week, when the New York/New Jersey area was hit by the nor'easter, I was running late on my way to school. As a result, I jumped onto the train that I take to school without purchasing a ticket beforehand. The train schedule was very erratic because of the weather and I wasn't sure if I would be able to get another train soon. However, because I didn't have a ticket, that meant that I would have to pay an extra five dollars as a surcharge for purchasing the ticket on the train. I noticed a man from my shul sitting in the same car and decided to ask him if he had an extra ticket I could buy from him. He did have a ticket, but refused to let me pay him - he insisted that I take it for free. So not only did he save me the cost of a ticket, but he saved me from having to pay the extra fee! Then, later in the train ride, he offered me some food in case I didn't have any snack with me. What a mensch!


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