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Snow storms bring out kindness in strangers

Thank goodness I am able to work from home (G-d bless wireless internet!) so I have been working from home yesterday and today. The snow plows buried my car yesterday so I went out this morning to try to dig it out. 2 different men saw me digging and helped me out. They do not know me and I'm sure they had better things to do, but they helped me get my car out. It was really nice of them. And it wasn't because I looked so cute in my sweats under my skirt and scarf and mismatched hat ;-)

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My neighbor helped me push my car out of snow where the plow had plowed it in after both of us shoveled.

My ex husband lives a couple doors down and came out and did nothing. I am disabled and this was simply not possible for me to do myself.

I am eternally grateful to my neighbor for his kindness - he has kids of his own to worry about but helped me get my children and 2 other children into my car and off to school.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 27, 2007 8:03 AM  

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