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Cab Fare Kindness

A friend of mine works in a job that requires very long hours. Because of the long hours, the company will reimburse my friend monthly for cab rides home, rather than expecting a not-so-safe late-night subway ride. Lately though, money has been tight and didn't have the resources to be able to wait until being reimbursed, so my friend has been relying on a co-worker to share a cab home. Unfortunately, the co-worker has been leaving earlier than what is expected by the company, causing my friend to need to leave early as well.

My friend's supervisor inquired about the early departure and my friend explained that it was necessary to leave early in order to save the cab fare. The supervisor took my friend aside the next day and asked how much he was owed by the company. The supervisor then took out an amount of money that would cover it and handed it to my friend and said that it could be paid back when the next check comes through. The supervisor did all this in privacy without anyone else knowing about it, in order to not embarrass my friend.


Very kind of him :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 17, 2007 10:58 PM  

That's such a nice thing to do. Often, it's easier to be nice when it doesn't involve putting out one's own money; it shows how nice the supervisor is that he cares so much about his employees, and that he trusts them so much. :)

By Blogger Scraps, at March 02, 2007 11:43 AM  

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