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Subway Wipe

This morning was a rainy one here in NYC, and that often translates into people bringing water with them onto the buses and trains, making the floor a dirty wet mess. Sometimes, seats somehow end up a little wet as well, which means that there are even more people standing, hanging on for dear life as they try not to slip and slide down the aisle.

But there were two really nice touches to this morning's commute. When the bus was a bit quiet, even with all the hustling and bustling, everyone suddenly heard a little girl's voice start singing. She was probably about three years old, sitting there with her dirty blonde curls, and she started singing beautifully: "You are my sunshine/My only sunshine/You make me happy!/When skys are gray..." Most of the bus couldn't help but smile, no matter what time of morning or how wet they were.

A few minutes later, I walked into the front of the second car on the F train to Manhattan. I noticed two empty seats at the front of the car, and wondered why the man standing right next to them wasn't sitting, but assumed he just preferred to lean against the side. As I got closer, I realized that the seats had small puddles in them, which is why people weren't sitting there. Another person was about to head for the seats when I warned them, as well.

At the next stop, an older man got on, wearing a Giants' jacket. (Poor guy.) He noticed an older woman who was forced to stand as well, so he took out a couple of Dunkin Donuts napkins that he happened to have on him, wiped the seats down completely, and offered one to the lady - remaining standing himself so she wouldn't feel squashed. It was such a nice thing to see, especially on the NYC subways where people are so often intent on ignoring one another. She took the seat and was able to rest her weary legs for the rest of her ride.


What a delicious story.
Kids have that power.

It was truly 'kind' to have cleaned the seat and subsequently offer it to someone else!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 09, 2007 4:02 AM  

Adorable! No one can resist a cute kid.

That was really sweet of that guy. I know everyone likes to dis NY and especially the subway riders, but I have seen lots of small acts of kindness on the subway.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 09, 2007 9:41 AM  

That's so nice. :)

I've had my share of nice experiences on the subway, as well.

By Blogger Scraps, at January 09, 2007 9:43 AM  

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