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Little Things Count, Too

Due to the rush that occured when we moved into our apartment, our bedroom was never completely painted. Our superintendent plans on doing so this week - as long as the bedroom furniture were moved out of the way.

Serach called friends of ours who got married recently to see if the husband would mind coming by for a few minutes to help - no problem, even though it's his last day off for a while. He came over, we figured out exactly how we wanted to move the stuff, we did, and that was it.

Yes, that's the end of the story. Little things count, too! Plus, what may (or may not) have been a small favor from him was a huge deal for us - we can finally get it painted, he already volunteered to come back and help move the pieces back, and then we can get our carpets cleaned [something our landlord promised us to do when we moved in], which would give Elianna much more space to crawl around on. It would also help us finally get our apartment situated the way we want it, without stuff lying all over and blocking the floor.

The little acts of kindness we do can have exponentially greater impacts.


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