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Doubling Kindness

In the accounting firm I work at, a frum woman named Lucy Haller passed away recently. The company is a huge company with thousands of employees around the country - including over 600 in our branch alone. Yet, they did an incredible act of kindness and opened up a collection for her family in her honor. This is the letter a manager in the firm wrote at the time:
As some of you may have already heard, Lucy Haller passed away last Thursday, November 30th, after a courageous battle with cancer. She was only 37 years young and was the mother of two children, 6 and 8 years old. She was a tax manager in the Financial Services group who started with us [redacted] back in August of 2005. In her time with us, we grew to love and appreciate her as a person and as someone who could make us laugh at the drop of a hat. She never really let on as to what she was going through nor all of the hardships that she had gone through in the past.

Some of you may be wondering what the point of this e-mail is. Well, in one sense, it's to tell you all about a special and wonderful person who is sadly not with us anymore. The more important reason is to ask for your help. We would like to take up a collection for her family to help them through this very difficult time. As I stated earlier, she left behind two beautiful young children and a husband who is now faced with an emotional and financial struggle to raise two children without there mother.

Therefore, whatever you would like to contribute would be greatly appreciated. We would like to have all collections in to me by December 13th. Also, please note that our office here in New York has agreed to match whatever we collect. Therefore, please give what you can and only if you can. The gift is what matters and not the dollar amount.
Thousands of dollars came in from around the world, including from many people who never even knew Lucy or just how nice she was. The firm matched each and every dollar that was brought in. That is double kindness.

I'm not sure what impressed me more: That the firm did such a thing, or that there were so many people who sent in money despite not knowing Lucy whatsoever. There are so many kind people around the world... it's time to start hearing more about it.


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