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$255 For Free

Today I went with my mother to the opera. It featured a number of great singers, and thus brought on a full house. I barely managed to snatch away a couple $20 orchestra standing room tickets. It was a very long pieces, and neither of us was looking forward to standing the entire time. Unfortunately, we couldn't switch places, because there was no room whatsoever. So we were stuck in the back, barely able to see behind the backs of much taller people standing in front of us, even with binoculars. By the time Act III ended, we were exhausted. Our legs were killing us. Suddenly, during the intermission, one of the security workers approached us and told us that a couple left early and gave him their tickets. He was wondering whether we were interested in taking them. The tickets were worth $255 each and offered a fabulous view in the sixth row from the orchestra. In the center. It was fantastic. I couldn't help but wonder at how considerate the couple was. They could have just left and thrown away their tickets; instead, they made sure to give someone else an opportunity to get a good view for the rest of the opera. Secondly, I was amazed that we, of all people, were chosen. It was a mixture of incredible luck and kindness on the part of complete strangers, who didn't even know who they were given the tickets to. I wish them all the best, whoever they are. (And of course, add in the additional doze of gratitude for being saved from having to stand for even longer time.)


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