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Wedding Kindness

I keep telling people that I feel like my wedding is a community effort. The kindness of so many friends who are sharing in my happiness has really touched me. And the kindness from strangers through this process has been awesome as well. Here are just a few examples:

1) The jeweler that we got my engagement ring from gave us the wedding band for free.
2) The woman I got my sheitel (wig) from gave me a huge discount.
3) We are holding our wedding at a friend's house, who offered without any hesitation.
4) I've had tons of people offer to make food for my engagement party, wedding and sheva brachos (festive meals for a week after the wedding).
5) I had friends throw me a bridal shower and give me beautiful gifts.
6) I have friends who are donating their time and expertise to do my make-up, photography and wedding cake.
7) Friends have offered to take lots and lots of time out of their busy schedules to go with me to pick out my gown, sheitel, and take care of other wedding preparations.

In addition to all the wedding stuff, my fiance and I went and visited the community we are moving to and the outpouring of welcome was phenomenal. Not only were we invited for meals on the holiday and Shabbos, but we were also hosted during the week for lunches and dinners. It went such a long way towards making me feel comfortable about moving there.

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